Monday, May 27, 2013

Blog Sale Updated!

Hey everyone. I just wanted to say that my blog sale has been updated with new items and some super sweet, reduced products.

 Check it out here!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Collective Haul Part 2

Here it is!  The second part of my collective haul.  Just to refresh your memory, here was Part 1.  It took quite a while for all the other parcels to turn up (and then a little bit of time for me to type this up!)  Without any further ado, here are the newest additions to my beauty collection:

Alanna Renee:

As a mentioned in the first part of my haul, I went a little nail polish overboard.  However, I am completely happy with all of my nail polish purchases, especially these beauties from Alanna Renee.  I won't lie, I initially decided to purchase a couple because they were inspired by Harry Potter.  Then I saw if you spent $50, you got free shipping.  As a result, the following happened.  7 polishes (fitting number for Harry Potter though!)

L to R: Horcrux, Chocolate Frog, Butterbeer, Draught of Peace, Reptar, Hedwig, Patronus) 

These polishes are wonderful!  Depending on the shade, you can get away with one coat (Horcrux and Chocolate Frog), two coats (Butterbeer, Draught of Peace, Reptar) or three coats (Hedwig and Patronus).  They all apply smoothly; however, I will note that many of them dry quite rough.  This didn't bother me as I quite like the texture (similar to that of OPI Liquid Sand, but not as intense).  A topcoat would easily solve this issue though.

Swatches from Top to Bottom:

Horcrux- Love.  It's very intriguing, colour wise in direct sunlight.
Butterbeer- I wasn't too sure about this one, but oh wow!  I never thought I would like orange so much. This is one of those rough finish ones.
Chocolate Frog- Love the colours in this.  So easy to apply!
Hedwig- Another interesting polish.  It has white bar glitter, yellow glitter, brown glitter to break up the white base.  It does have a rough finish and I found it a bit hard to make the yellow glitter visible (and get on the brush)

Swatches from Top to Bottom:

Draught of Peace- If you've seen previous NotD from me, you know I love blues/aquas and this. is. stunning.  One of my favourite polishes full stop.
Patronus- I was a bit unsure whether to purchase this one, but I am so glad I did!  I was afraid it would be too white, but no! It is certainly a subtle light blue.
Reptar- Rugrats, a memory of my childhood.  I couldn't pass this up.  I wasn't aware until I bought it that the green colour is actually from the glitter.  The base is milky.  This looks pretty cool, but it does have a rough finish.

Mirenesse, Beauty Bay and Pretty Serious:

I had a $25 voucher from my VIP membership to use, so I had to take advantage of it.  I decided I was going to suspend my VIP membership for a couple months.  I'll have my final VIP kit for you soon.  I decided on the Magic Beads Cleanser.  It's so much fun and makes my skin feel and look great.  I also picked up the Beauty Call Touch Up Palette from their new collection.

Mirenesse Beauty Call Touch up Palette

The packaging is smaller and slimmer than I expected, but still quite practical if you aren't bothered about sticking a brush into the cream blushes.  There are creams and powders in this palette, but so far I haven't had any issues with that.  We'll see how it goes as I continue to use it.  Included in the palette (from left to right) is: concealer/foundation, three eyeshadows, a lip gloss, two lip/cheek creams and a 'contour powder.'  I personally consider the contour powder to be a highlighter.  It is shimmery and light, which I associate with highlighters.  I really enjoy everything in the palette.  The eyeshadows (as always with Mirenesse) are stunning.

From Beauty Bay, I needed to get another Mario Badescu Body Wash.  This is my holy grail body wash.  In summer especially, I get a few breakouts on my chest and back and this did wonders to clear them up.  Plus, it smells really clean!  My partner also loves it, which makes me feel better about spending $11 for body wash.

Edward Bess Back to Basics Palette

When I saw the Edward Bess Back to Basics palette, I had to add that to my cart.  After seeing reviews from Mishelle and Kate regarding this palette, I really wanted to have this.  This isn't the cheapest palette, but it is worth every penny.  All the components are of a superb quality and they work so well together (which you would expect from a palette).  My only issue was that bristles from the included brush got into some of the cream products which was annoying.  No fault of Edward Bess, just shipping.

Stila Convertible Color Blush L: Lilium, R: Gladiola

I have wanted some Convertible Color blushes from Stila.  After seeing numerous reviews on them and swatching them a few times in Mecca, I finally caved and bought two.  Both are fantastic, but I cannot praise Lilium enough.  It's the perfect, natural looking blush for my skin tone.  Love.

Femme Fatale:

To continue my nail polish obsession, I placed an order from Femme Fatale. Originally, I was only going to pick up the mineral blush in Velvet Cupcake.  I had a sample ages ago and decided I really needed it in my life.  However, I hate paying for postage and if I have to, I want to get my money's worth.  So naturally, I need to pick up a couple nail polishes as well.  I chose Noble Garden from FF, which is beautiful green with multicoloured glitter in it.  I don't have enough bright greens in my collection.  I also picked up Hare Polish in Afterglow.  I really want some more Hare polishes, just waiting for a restock.

L to R: Hare Polish Afterglow, FF Mineral Blush in Velvet Cupcake, FF Noble Garden


I unsubscribed from Bellabox, but I wanted to use my points before I said goodbye. My partner still has his Bellobox, but I wasn't sure if I would lose my points (not worth the risk haha).  We both picked up an item, then I added an ELF eye shadow brush to get up over $20.  My partner picked the OP Therapy Sea Mineral Wash.  He received this in one of his belloboxes and really liked it.  Multi-use products are perfect for him.  I chose The Suigo Ultimate Control Shampoo after reading many positive reviews.

Have you picked up any new products recently?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pretty Serious: Happy Birthday, Daphne!

I have been so excited to share this nail polish with you and the day is finally here!  It's time to wish Daphne a very Happy Birthday!

'Daphne's Birthday Party' is a fantastic polish from Pretty Serious Cosmetics.  If you don't already own one of their polishes, certainly check them out.  They're beautiful!  I recently had a NotD with two PS polishes, which you can find here.

Daphne sure is celebrating with style.  I've been a fan of rainbow glitter polishes for some time now (after missing out on OPI Rainbow Connection), but for once, I feel content.  I don't feel like I need to own that one.  'Daphne's Birthday Party' has filled that gaping hole in my heart collection.

The glitter is all uniform in size, which I love!  It adds a dazzling shine and twinkle to your nails.  I celebrated my birthday last week and I wore this the entire time.  And I received so many compliments (from teenagers to adults a like).

I layered it over a fuchsia Ulta polish, but I don't really think I needed it.  Above is three coats and they held up extremely well over the week!  I absolutely love this polish!  Party well, Daphne!  You deserve it!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Wishlist

Since I'm on a spending ban in an attempt to save money for my July wedding (and equally important shopping money I can blow while I'm in America), I've decided to make a wishlish that include items I hope to acquire in a couple of months.

May Wishlist

1.  Nars Blush in Gaiety-- I don't have any full size Nars blushes, but oh boy do I want one!  The Foreplay palette has sparked a love for these blushes. I've seen so many reviews and I can't help but want to add one to my collection.  My current lust is Gaiety.  I had my makeup done at Mecca and I asked to have Gaiety put on and I loved it.  I'm on the hunt for a beautiful, cool toned blush, that is quite bright like candy.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

2.  Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed-- I bought one of these, Peaceful, off a blog sale and it is fantastic!  Tarte is so difficult to purchase in Australia (nearly impossible without parcel forwarding), so I really want to buy some Tarte items when I have the chance.  Exposed is stunning and so natural and best of all, I have nothing like it in my collection.

3.  Clarins Ever Matte Shine Control Mineral Powder-- I feel I have so many pressed powders that are supposed to control shine and they do, but I still have to reapply.  I suppose I'm still searching to find the perfect powder, which may or may not even exist for my particular skin. 

4.  Stila Eyeshadow Palette in 'In the Know'-- I love my 'In the Light' palette and the fact that 'In the Know' is all matte, intrigues me.  I don't have heaps of mattes so I think this would be a nice addition.  With that said, I don't really know if I need any more eyeshadow, especially I have other ones in mind for upcoming wish lists.  *cough Nars Created The Woman cough*

5.  OPI OPI make some of my favourite glitter polishes and I like the colour combination in this particular polish.  I plan on picking up quite a few OPI polishes since they're so much cheaper in America.  If you have a favourite shade, please share!

6.  Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Turquoise-- I love turquoise.  It's my primary wedding colour so I think this is a need product.

What items are on your wish list?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

NotD: Starry Night

In my recent haul post, I mentioned that I purchased several bottles from Pretty Serious.  Let me say, I adore this brand!  The polishes are beautiful and apply so well.  Not to mention that they're gorgeous.  I am so glad that I received a bottle of polish in my Lust Have It Eco box; otherwise, it would have taken even longer to try these out.


The nail look I'm sharing today is comprised of BSOD and Twinkling Lights.  How freaking beautiful is BSOD?  Twinkling Lights looks stunning over it.  Twinkling Lights is quite sheer, so it really needs to be layered over another polish.  I will enjoy trying it over other blue polishes I have.

L: BSOD; R: Twinkling Lights

I still haven't tried Viscous Vampire yet, but no doubt I will soon.  Have you tried any of the Pretty Serious polishes?  If so, which is your favourite?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in 'I'm Pure for Sure'

In my quarterly favourites, you saw how much I love my Missha BB cream and Lancôme Teint Idole foundation. In that post, I hinted at another foundation love and this is it- Benefit Hello Oxygen Wow!

I bought this foundation from the Benefit website without swatching it in person. I will never do that again; however, I chose very well! In fact, I got the shade closest to my skin. Score!

I really like the packaging. Prior to the perfect foundation hunt, the bottles I had did not have pumps. You just poured them out and as a result I wasted a lot. I don't think I would ever buy another foundation without a pump. It also just looks really good.

The shade I purchased was 'Ivory- I'm Pure 4 Sure.' From my research, this was the lightest, pinkest shade. I should note that from my experience, all the foundations lean towards the yellow side. This typically wouldn't be great for me, but it works and I think part of that is because the coverage is so light. I prefer foundations with light to medium coverage; however, lately my skin has been acting up on my chin and sadly this foundation doesn't cover them as well as the BB cream or Lancôme.

I apply this with my fingers. I haven't had too much success applying with a brush, but I also don't feel the need to apply with a brush. The foundation just glides onto your skin. It is quite thin and extremely light weight

It blends in really nicely

This foundation feels great on my skin and it provides a slightly dewy finish. Nothing too extreme though. Even with my combination/oily skin, I only have to powder or blot once (maybe twice if it is a bad day) during the day. I do set it with powder. I also love how it has SPF 25, which is fantastic.

I adore this foundation. It is great for everyday and I think it would suit most skin types. However, if you have really oily skin, this may not be too long lasting for you.

What I Like:
- The packaging
- How light weight it feels
- The shade match (decent range of shades)
- Great for everyday
- Slightly dewy finish

What I Don't Like:
- There really isn't a pink shade among the range
- Doesn't completely control oil

Overall, I really like this foundation. It is very natural looking and I would definitely repurchase this unless I find something better in my quest for the perfect foundation.