Sunday, October 28, 2012

NOTD: Halloween

Here are my nails for the week--Halloween inspired!  I use Hi, Pumpkin! and Mourning Glory from OPI's So So Skullicious Mini Collection.

Are you doing anything for Halloween?

Recent Hauls: Part 2 Benefit

So, I have fallen in love with Benefit.  The packaging.  The product names.  And now the quality.  However, the prices here in Australia are beyond ridiculous.  If you like Benefit, do not buy anywhere other than their website.  They ship to Australia and if you spend $125, you get free postage.  $125 in Australia will get you two, maybe three items.  The haul below cost me $126 (which granted is quite a lot, but so much better than anything I would have paid here).

Opening the box!!

All my goodies
I haven't had a chance to try out everything, so for now I'm going to show you what I bought.  There will be review posts up soon.  Especially for POREfessional (so so good).  Most of my products were sample sizes, which enables me to try out as many products as possible before purchasing full size.  However, I do already know a couple full size products that I will definitely buy.

Finding Mr Bright Kit
She's So Jetset
Sexy Little Stowaways (No idea why the image uploaded strangely)
Sugerbomb (it also came with a deluxe sample of Posietint)
b.Bright skincare products (freebie--I got these and two additional samples)
To say the least, I have a lot of stuff to play around with and try and I am looking forward to it.

What is your favourite Benefit item?

Recent Hauls Part 1: Priceline and Target (and Myer)

Recently, I have been spending far too much on beauty products.  School holidays and online shopping the main culprits to blame.  I am thinking about a spending ban, but I don't think it can be cold turkey; there have to be clauses and loop-holes, so stay tuned for the outcome of that.

A week or so ago I went to Priceline and Target just to browse and pick up some red hair dye.  However, I ended up with this:

Here's the break down:


- Bourjois Blushes in 34 Rose d'Or and 16 Rose coup de Foudre (30% off--can't resist that!)
- L'Oreal Prefernce Hair Dye (necessary for my Amy Pond outfit for the Ramble)
- Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 12 and 16 (Buy one get one free)
- Face of Australia Nail Polish in Mystic Iris
- Australis Nail Polish in Fairy Bread (I have done a NOTD with this and Iris here)
- Cedel Blow Dry Faster (This was on-sale and it is AMAZING! Stay tuned for a review)
- Cedel Dry Shampoo (On-sale and I've been dying to try a dry shampoo)


- Rimmel Nail Polish in Disco Ball and Wine (I really wanted Disco Ball and it was buy one get one 50% off)


-Lancome Foundation Teint Idole in 010 (This was a free sample and so far, I really like this!  I'm not sure if I can justify spending so much money on it.  Maybe the next time I'm in America)

OOTD: Amy Pond

Last week I participated in the Rotary Ramble Perth challenge to raise money for Telethon.  If you are  unfamiliar with the Ramble, it's basically a giant scavenger hunt mixed with Amazing Race throughout the city of Perth.  Costumes were encouraged, so why not dress like your favourite television show, Doctor Who.  I chose to dress like Amy from the 'Flesh and Stone', Season 5 episode.

Amy Pond Costume

The jumper I had ordered from American Apparel didn't arrive until two days after the Ramble.  I'll still get use out of it for Halloween, so all is good (except I now have this random, oversized jumper I'm not too fond of).

Did anyone else do the Ramble or dressing up for Halloween?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

NOTD: Purple and Glitter

In preparation for the Rotary Ramble (a super awesome scavenger hunt/amazing race style event) held in Perth, I have painted my nails a beautiful purple colour.  As I have mentioned, purple is not one of my favourite colours; however, Amy Pond has purple nails in 'Flesh and Stone.'  I adore Doctor Who and decided to dress as Amy for the Ramble.  I will have a post with my outfit later this week.

Anyway, back to the nails (sorry that the photos are a bit dark):

L: Australis- Fairy Bread  R: Face of Australia-

Feature nail as always
I was really happy with the Face of Australia nail polish.  The above picture has one coat of nail polish on with a top coat.  It's a really nice formula.

I am getting into the glitter craze.  Fairy Bread was more difficult to deal with than others I have played around with, but I think it's mainly due to the size of the glitter.  There are some really big hexagon pieces.  I really want OPI Rainbow Connections, so this is my way of coping until I get it.  Someday.

Have you tried any other colours by these two brands?  Any recommendations?

OutfitOTD- Stripes and Colour

I love clothes and fashion (although recently they are taking a backseat to beauty products) so I thought I would do an Outfit of the Day every so often.  They may turn out to be Outfits of the Week. 

Last Saturday, I went to the Mumford and Sons concert here in Perth (which was fantastic! even with the rain).  Here was the outfit I wore.

This is one of my cheap outfits, but I love it.  I have an obsession with cardigans and I'm really into stripes again at the moment.

Yellow/Gold Cardigan- Target, $40... You can't really tell from this photos, but there are hearts on the front/sides of this cardi. 

Black and White Striped Shirt- Big W, $10... I bought this shirt because I couldn't justify spending $90 on a similar shirt from Cue.  I am still surprised by how much I love this top.

Jeans- ModCloth, Blank NYC, $85... I'm not one to buy jeans on-line.  Being short, I have a lot of trouble finding ones that fit right. However, I took the plunge and purchased these and they're my favourite jeans.  They may be a bit big because they get quite stretched out after one or two wears.

Black Canvas Shoes- Rubi, $15... These are great, casual flats.

I am going to miss these clothes soon now that it is warming up.  I really love fall/winter clothes.

Did any of you see Mumford and Sons while they were here in Aus?  Anyone with those favourite pair of jeans?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lust Have It Eco Edition

Here is my Lust Have It Eco Box.  While I was doing some research as to which beauty box to subscribe to, I read a lot of criticisms of LHI.  I cannot vouch for their monthly boxes, but this inaugural Eco Box is fantastic.  I am hoping the quality level will last for the next quarter.

Got to love opening these boxes

The products were placed in this....

The items!

Lady Lya Eye Liner, $20
This is a bright blue liner and I love it!  I prefer blue eye liners when it comes to the coloured ones.  I am very glad I received an eye liner rather than the lip liner.  I don't feel any need for the latter.

Avado Exfoliant, 100mL $14.99
 I haven't had a chance to use this yet, but I like that it has avocado in it.  Plus, it's made in Tassie.  I enjoy exfoliants because you can feel the cleansing.

Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Treatment, 110mL $19.95
Today was the first day I tried this.  First impression was that it really did smooth my hair.  I suffer from frizz and this legitimately seemed to control them.  It definitely does not take a lot.

Burts Bee Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb, $12.95
 I'm American.  I have loved Burts Bee for as long as I can remember.  I'm glad to finally have some here in Aus.  The colour is really flattering and the smell delicious.

Sranrom Body Lotion, 200mL $30
I have a fair bit of respect from my recently, brief encounters with this brand.  My partner received some body wash in his Men's Bellabox and now I have some lotion to play with.  The smell is really pleasing, though I cannot pin point what the smell is.  I'm not a big lotion fan, but it does feel light and refreshing on the skin.

Kosmea Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost, 20mL $39.95
I was skeptical putting this on my skin.  I have combination/oily skin already and putting oil on it seemed counter-intuitive.  However, I gave it a chance.  It was okay for a first go.  Initially, I did not like the feel on my skin.  After it set in, it did feel better.  I think the next go I have, I will put even less drops on so it will fully sink into my skin.

Wicked Wix Organix Baby Jar Candle, 340g $34.95
I love candles.  I love how they make a home feel lived in.  This candle is amazing.  It's Sandalwood and Lime scented, which is such a wonderful combination.  I don't want to burn it, it smells that good.

This was my first Eco Box and I would say it was a success.  I am certainly looking forward to my next one in a couple months' time.

Have you tried any of these products? 

Bellabox October 2012 and Lust Have It Eco Box

This past Wednesday, I received my first Bellabox and LHI Eco Box!  Two beauty boxes on the same day!  Talk about a great way to start a Wednesday and what an amazing entrance into the world of beauty samples delivered to your door!

I'll start with Bellabox since that was the first box I subscribe to.  The theme was 'Pretty in Pink Party' in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Without further ado, here is what was in the box beneath the black paper....

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Instant Action Lift Treatment, 30mL $100
I am excited to try Estee Lauder; however, I'm not sure that I need any lifting and firming for my 20s skin.

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer, 30mL $74
I'm really looking forward to trying this.  I love Clinique products, especially their moisturising gel.  The description provided says it promotes cell maturation, turnover and removal without causing the slightest irritation to your skin.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Colour in Petal Pusher, 9.17mL $13.95
This colour will be interesting.  I love it in the bottle, but I am not a big fan of light, flesh coloured nail polish on my fingers.

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm--Sheer Pink Tint, 2g $8.99
This is fantastic!  I love it on my lips.  The pink tint is subtle and looks more like your lips, just a bit better.  I will enjoy using this.

DKNY Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense, 100mL $135
I am very critical of fragrances.  I am a brand loyalist and I tend to stick with what I like for quite some time.  For several years, I have been a Burberry Beat lover.  With that said, I really do like this fragrance.  Who knows, maybe I'll allow another fragrance to join my crew.

Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk, 200mL $9.95
I have heard of good things about this brand.  I haven't tried this or the conditioner included, but I will certainly give you some feedback once I get a chance to do so.

Klorane Conditioning Cream with Pomegranate, 150mL $9.95
The rose colour of this conditioner is so great.  A nice addition to this 'pink' box.

Bourjois Smoky Pencil 72 Dark Purple, 0.89g $20
I'm not a big fan of purple; however, recently it has been growing on me.  I do love Bourjois, so I will definitely try this pencil out soon.

Since this post is already so long, I will share my Lust Eco Box in a separate post.

How did you fare this month with your beauty boxes?  Any products you love or hate?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beauty Boxes: Men's Edition

I was late getting into the beauty box craze and I am currently awaiting my first box.  After much deliberation, I decided on subscribing to Bellabox.  However, after seeing reviews of Lust Have It (LHI) Eco Box, I have also subscribed to that.  Again, anxiously waiting that box as well.

As a result of my interest in these boxes, I have also convinced my partner to sign up to one.  We went with Bellabox's Mens' Edition.  Of course, that arrived before any of mine.  Karma. 

Opening the Mens' Bellabox
We were both surprised to see how much was in it.  Definitely worth the $30 fee.  It was sweet being exposed to new brands and products, which makes me want my box even more.

All the items in the box
Here is a list of everything that was in this quarterly installment:

  • Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm Squeeze Tube, 10g---This was full size and has a retail value of $5.99
  • Z Zegna Eau de Toilette, 1.2g---Full size (100mL) retails for $110
  • American Crew Precision Shave Gel, 7.4mL---Full size (150mL) retails for $24.90
  • Lancome Men Age Fight Anti-Age Perfecting Fluid, 1mL---Full size (100mL) retails for $110
  • USPA Supernatural Men's Sandalwood Cleanser, 30mL---Full size (250mL) retails for $28.95
  • USPA Supernatural Men's Bambusa Facial Scrub, 30mL---Full size (150mL) retails for $34
  • Faulding Multi Mens Energy Formula, 60 Tablets---This is full size and retails for $14.99
  • Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel, 10mL---Full size (200mL) retails for $24.95
  • Bioderma Sebium AKN Purifying Corrective Care, 5mL---Full size (30mL) retails for $24.95
  • Avene Soothing Moisture Mask, 5mL---Full size (50mL) retails for $38.95
  • Nivea for Men Skin Energy Face Wash Q10, 15mL---Full size (75mL) retails for $7.99
  • Nivea for Men Skin Energy Moisturiser Q10, 15mL---Full size (50mL) retails for $13.87
  • Emerginc Multi-Fruit Cleanser, 3mL---Full size (240mL) retails for $63
  • Emerginc Protocell Face Cream, 3mL---Full size (50mL) retails for $140
  • Sranrom Shower Gel, 75mL---Full size (200mL) retails at $22
My partner has tried a fair few of these already and has some winners and losers and in-betweeners. 

  • Carmex Lip Balm (He now uses this daily.  I am stunned.)
  • Z Zegna (He really likes it, but I find it slightly over-powering.  I'm trying to introduce fragrances to him now since he is keen on getting one)
  • Nivea Moisturiser (Smells nice and 'it feels like it works,' according to him)
  • Sranrom Shower Gel (Smells really good, environmentally friendly)
  • USPA Supernatural Men's Sandalwood Cleanser (He really likes it and I like it because he now cleans his face)
  •  Nivea Face Wash (Not as good as other things.  Nothing special)
  • American Crew Precision Shave Gel (Smell didn't work for him neither did the feel of it)
  • Emerginc Multi-Fruit Cleanser (Smell really bad and not as good as the other cleansers included)
I will update again once more products are tried and tested. 

Again, I'm really looking forward to getting my own box this month and my partner is slightly sad that he has to wait until December-ish to get his next box. 

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick

I dropped into Priceline today and picked up two lipsticks in Kate Moss collection by Rimmel.  They are currently buy one get one free (this applies to all Rimmel lipstick and nail polish).  Again, I am a sucker for deals and it appears lipstick as well.

Here are the two shades I picked up:

Isn't the packaging awesome?  Simple, but cool.

L: 10  R: 07

I chose 10 and 07.  I wanted a bright red lipstick and a nice neutral colour as well.  Both have a smooth, creamy texture when applied to your lips and as far as I can tell, they seem to be fairly long lasting (It was difficult to get the swatch off my arm).

Both lipsticks are shown above with one swipe.  They are highly pigmented and the 10 is a very bright, daring, classic red.  07 is a bit more brown than I would have liked.  I wish it had slightly a pinker tint.  It's definitely a work appropriate shade.

Overall, I'm very pleased with these.  I might see if I can grab a couple more while they're on sale. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

NOTD: OPI Nicki Minaj Pink Friday and Save Me

I used to be obsessed with nail polish but it hasn't been until recently that I have regained that interest and excitement.  A week or so ago, I went on a mini OPI shopping spree at David Jones.  Who can pass up by two items get the third free?  Gifts with purchases are my weakness.  Here is a shot of my haul:

I love mini things.  Especially nail polish.  I find I can never get through a whole bottle anyways and I think it's more fun to have lots of shades for the price of one (especially considering the prices here in Australia).  I chose to get the Nicki Minaj collection (like seriously, was there any option not to?), the Holland collection (I've been dying to try 'I have a herring problem') and the So So Skullicious collection because Halloween is fast approaching (and I wanted an orange nail polish).

Here are the two polishes I used today: 'Pink Friday' and 'Save Me' from the Nicki Minaj collection.

 L: 'Save Me'  R: 'Pink Friday'

I really like these two colours.  'Save Me' is definitely my favourite of the two.  It's a lovely glitter polish that has really fine silver glitter and thin strips of blue and gold glitter.  It applies really smoothly and looks great on its own.  'Pink Friday' is a great light pink.  It is bright, but not in-your-face if you get what I mean.  It's subtle.  The only thing I'm not too fond of is how it looks with my skin.  I am quite fair-skinned so the pink sort of blends in, but this wouldn't be applicable to a majority of the population.  

With Flash

I am loving the feature nail trend, so you will see that quite often in my NOTDs.  It's fun and let's me subtly use two nail polishes.  I have only applied two coats of each of the nail polishes.  A third would make it perfectly opaque, but I was content with two coats.

No Flash

I am looking forward to playing with 'Save Me' again in the future.

What do you think of these colours?  Do you have any others in the Nicki Minaj collection?  I cannot wait to try out 'Fly' and 'Did it on 'Em'.

Friday, October 12, 2012

So it begins...

I created this blog a week ago, but have finally decided to officially kick it off.  After a couple weeks being lurking in the shadows, I have decided to have a blog of my own to document my interests (whatever they may be at the moment).  I've had blogs in the past, but since moving, I have let them collect dust, becoming mere artifacts.  This may be different.  Time will tell.

My current interests (to give you an idea of what this blog will be about):
  • Beauty (cosmetics, skincare, etc)
  • Books (English major--so you know, good ones)
  • Films and some TV (see side-note above)
  • Fashion